Myths about Yoga Beginners Need to Stop Believing

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Myths about Yoga Beginners Need to Stop Believing

Yoga is widely regarded as a fantastic form of exercise. It can provide stress relief, boost flexibility and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. Unfortunately, if you’re considering starting yoga, you may find yourself believing some common myths. So, here we’ll separate the fact from fiction with these myths about yoga, beginners should stop believing whether you are in Melbourne or trying yoga anywhere in the world.

You Need to Be Really Flexible

The belief that you need to be really flexible to do a yoga class is like thinking you need to be in good shape to hit the gym or be completely clean before you shower. While the relationship between flexibility and yoga does exist, flexibility is not a prerequisite. Over time, yoga will help you to develop greater flexibility, so if you are struggling, it is a fantastic activity for you.

Yoga is Only for the Young, Beautiful and Thin

The popular image of yoga is beautiful, thin young women bending themselves into pretzel-like contortions. While this image is attractive and has helped to inspire the practice of yoga, it is a misleading representation. There is no need to feel intimidated to consider a visit to yoga studios. In Yoga for beginners in Melbourne, you are likely to find a diverse spectrum of people in a yoga class.

Yoga is a Hippy Religion

While there is undoubtedly a spiritual element to Yoga, it is not a hippy religion. The practice of yoga is meant to bring focus and help you to awaken internally. However, even if you join in with the chants and mantras, you’re not converting. Likewise, while yoga encourages love and self-awareness, you won’t need to convert to veganism. So, remember that there is no requirement to join a commune, give up meat or start any new religious practices.

Yoga is Just Stretching

Some people consider that yoga is simply easy stretches, but this is not the case. During typical yoga classes in Melbourne, you’re likely to be taken through a series of poses that may feel a lot like stretches. However, the physical elements of yoga are just a piece of the overall picture. The true aim of yoga is moving your body and connecting your breath while being in the present moment. Classically speaking, the only goal of yoga is to release excess energy so you can sit quietly and meditate. This is why yoga is considered to be a practice rather than a physical workout.

You Need Expensive Gear

While you can head to a sports store and shop for branded apparel and gear, there is no need for this just to start practising yoga. Yoga is not about looking the part; it is about finding a deeper connection. You can pretty much wear anything you like. You’ll need to be comfortable, so you can wear athletic gear, sweats or even pyjamas. Many yoga studios have props you can borrow and mats that can be hired, so you don’t need to break the bank before your first class.


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