Top 10 Dating Ideas During Quarantine

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Top 10 Dating Ideas During Quarantine

Just because you and your partner are constantly at home on self-isolation right now does not mean that you cannot arrange an unforgettable date. On the contrary, this is the time to really connect and just have fun. According to the best hookup sites reviews, romance during quarantine has turned into a real quest, but it is still wonderful.

We present you with a few interesting dating ideas for quarantined couples. It should be special to be different from everyday evenings at home.

Home romance

This option is suitable if you are both healthy. A cozy and romantic atmosphere can be created right in the apartment. It is enough to show a little imagination. For example, in an ordinary apartment, you can create a fairy tale atmosphere with the help of light: hang light bulbs, put candles in colourful jars, buy special romantic lamps and nightlights powered by USB. You can also place stars or hearts glowing in the dark, set beautiful glasses and dishes on the table.

Music and cinema

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Now more than ever, lovers should take advantage of the services that have provided free access to content. Having created the desired romantic setting, you can turn on pleasant music from the playlist or turn on a movie from any online cinema. For fans of the cultural program, there is an opportunity to watch performances online and even take a virtual walk through the museum.

The evening will be brightened up by food delivery services that can bring dinner right to your doorstep: you don’t have to go anywhere. Board games are also suitable for college dating ideas. There are many games with romantic and erotic overtones that will not let a couple get bored.

Romantic movie night

Movie night is a classic home date and one way to make this day especially fun for you. It can be perfect for one year dating anniversary ideas. Find movies that mean something to each of you. For example, you can take turns watching your favourite childhood movies. Besides, it is a great way to learn more about each other and open up memories to share.

Have a picnic

Organize a romantic picnic for two using your backyard, apartment balcony, or rooftop. You can even spread a blanket right in the middle of your living room floor and open all the windows in your home. Having a picnic is great for double dating ideas. Prepare light snacks and favourite drinks for the picnic (this can be wine or lemonade for sober dating ideas; cheese, sandwiches, fruit salads, etc.), put on summer clothes, and spend a “spring” day with your loved one.

Cook dinner together

It would seem that this is the simplest solution – to invite a partner to spend time together. However, you can make this visit cozy and special by preparing a delicious dinner together. Put on the music, share your culinary adventures, and tasty meals together. Prepare each of your favourite foods or something new that you both might enjoy. After that, you can dress up nicely, open the wine, and enjoy your food.

When you can’t see each other

Now let’s turn to good dating ideas for situations when it is impossible to see each other for one reason or another. In this case, you will have to show more creativity, but nothing is impossible in the world of modern technology.

The simplest thing is to organize a romantic dinner via a video link. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or any program that supports video calling will do. At the same time, the organization of the romantic background lies with each of the partners. How to do it – see the examples above.

Online dinner

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While you may not be cooking for each other at this hard time, schedule a time to cook for yourself, and share the experience with your partner. If you want to show your skills, a cooking challenge by following the same recipe will ignite a competitive spirit in you. You can cook a dish together on Zoom or try to guess any dishes for each other to prepare. A video cooking contest can cause a lot of laughs and creativity – and the result will be amazing.

Video games

Computer games can also help you to diversify your online dating first date ideas. Yes, this is not a joke; the latest video games also let you perform in a romantic environment. For example, in the Minecraft game, you can build a romantic castle for your partner, design a garden, and set a virtual table for two there. Then you can invite your partner to this server and have a virtual romantic dinner. GTA 5 Online is also suitable as you can arrange a date in a cafe. Dating like this may seem weird but inspiring, as it all depends on your creativity and imagination.

Gift delivery

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If there is no way to see each other, you can always remind of your feelings using the delivery service as an approach to new dating ideas. Order a bouquet, a box of chocolates, a set of cinnabons from your partner’s favourite restaurant, a T-shirt with a print, a good book, or a postcard for your beloved one. It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the person – and then on your creativity. You can also order a show, which specialists will perform right under your partner’s windows. The main thing is that the company is reliable and does everything
following safety requirements.

DIY video

Nothing is more valuable than a handmade gift, as one of the dating ideas on a budget. But if you can’t meet, you can still get creative. Modern video editing software can help with making a video message or a collage of photos that change to your favourite music. It is difficult not to enjoy a simple and sincere gift because your soul is put in it.


We hope this article helps you diversify your dating ideas during isolation. However, in addition to our suggestions, you can show your imagination and come up with a date at a distance. You can go for a walk in the forest, in the mountains, or take a bike ride. Be creative and remember that there are no barriers to true love! How do you maintain your relationship during this difficult time? What are you doing to be
closer to your partner? Please share your dating ideas in the comments.

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