Want to have more adventurous sex?

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Want to have more adventurous sex?

First thing to take in consideration is how to get your partner to be more sexually adventurous. If they are already things are just looking good for you, all you need is a plan.

People generally are sensitive about their sex life, talking about sex what you like and don’t like is still taboo. Women have many fantasies that they want to be fulfilled but are afraid to talk about. Find time to talk about their sexual fantasies because essentially  most of us want very much to please our partners. So sometimes it can feel difficult to approach a partner about making sex changes in your life, but when you do it might help if you follow the tips bellow:

  1. Try to find time in which you won’t be interrupted to talk about the changes you’d like to make in your sex life.
  2. Start by talking about things you like, that are working for you already .
  3. Introduce the idea that you’d like to try new things, things that turn you on.
  4. Talk about different sex act: sex toys, new sex e positions, new ways of touching, and then say you feel these new things will be good to your sex life together.
  5. When you’re in the moment take it slow – take baby steps. More important don’t bring in something you haven’t talked about and unpleasantly surprise your partner.

When trying new things going slow is a good policy as it gives your partner a chance to adjust and you never know your partner might like it and next time might want to take it further.


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