Wedding For Two – Planning A Perfect Wedding For Just The Bride And Groom

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Wedding For Two – Planning A Perfect Wedding For Just The Bride And Groom

If the idea of hosting a wedding for hundreds of guests gives you a headache, you can plan a wedding for two. Some call it elopement while others call it a wedding for two. If this idea sounds like the solution to your headache, this article will give you the details you need. But, even though your wedding plans do not involve hundreds of attendees, there are still certain things you need to think of during your planning process. Wedding for two – planning a perfect wedding for just the bride and groom.

Give this idea a second thought

If this decision is something that will make both of you immensely happy, then it’s the right choice. But, even when you come to an agreement and decide that this is the way to get married, sleep on it. Give this decision a do-over, think it through, and if you still feel good about it, then you have valid reasons to have a wedding for two. Just remember to feel good about your decision to have a very intimate wedding and don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

Talk to your loved ones

In order to avoid unnecessary family drama, sit down with both of your parents. Talk to them about your decision and don’t let them persuade you otherwise. No matter how hard it can be, you need to let them know in person that the two of you will say the “I do” without the audience. You don’t want them to find out on Instagram or any other social media platform. Eventually, they’ll overcome their initial disappointment and be happy for you. Be as kind as you can be with the way you get the message across. 

Dress for the part

Despite the fact that you won’t be having a lavish ceremony, you can still dress for the part. This is not just a regular day and you deserve to feel simply fab! The groom can wear a suit or anything formal enough that looks good on him and will also look good on photos. The bride has two choices – she can go for the full bridal look and wear the dress of her dreams. The other option is to wear a dress that it beautiful like any other wedding gown, but not as heavy as a typical corset bodice with a ball gown. Wear whatever makes both of you feel special and lets you express your unique sense of style.

The transport

Just because there will only be the two of you, it doesn’t mean that you need to forget about the details. You don’t have to drive to the wedding officiant on your own. Pick the type of transport just like you would typically do for a bigger wedding. There are many different types of transportation to choose from. Vintage wedding car hire will make your intimate wedding ceremony truly memorable. If riding in a classic car will make you feel great and make this day even more memorable, pick a vintage car that suits your taste.

You’ll still need a photographer

A wedding for two has to be planned with the same attention as any other wedding. You probably won’t regret your decision to have an intimate wedding. But you will regret the fact that you forgot to hire a photographer. You need someone to take pictures of you and document every moment of your intimate ceremony. A professional photographer will capture the essence of your love. You will later show these photographs to your loved ones, as well.

You can still have a small gathering afterwards

When people decide to have a wedding for two, they often have some sort of gathering afterwards. This is optional and you don’t have to do it if you truly wish to elope. But, most of the people decide to get married without all the fuss and stress and still have a small gathering after it. The guest list usually consists of both parents, their siblings accompanied by their partners and kids. Basically, you’ll be hosting a celebratory lunch or dinner for 8 to 10 people. If you decide to do this, you won’t break their feelings and still get a chance to take pictures with them and make them a part of your big day (done in a small way).


Lastly, think about the ways to break this news to your friends You can host a party at your place when you feel ready to let them know. They’ll probably be both angry and surprised, but they will also share your happiness and congratulate you on becoming a Mr. and Mrs. Hitched.


Mianna is a passionate writer currently living and dreaming in Europe. She is a believer that mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.

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