How Do You Know When You Are Really In Love

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How Do You Know When You Are Really In Love

Realizing that you’re in love makes you feel different. Some of you may already be in love and understand the experience well, but some others might not be so clear whether it is love or just affection.

According to one study from the Kinsey Institute, the brain of a person who is falling in love looks the same as a person who has taken cocaine. This is thanks to dopamine, which is released because of the love feeling. That’s why sometimes, people who are in love act nonsensically.

When you start to fall for someone, the feelings may get very deep, and there’s a sense of excitement that’s hard to explain in words.

9 Signs You Are Falling In Love:

There’s no question that our feelings at the early stages of a relationship can be quite confusing. We might puzzle with our feelings and also not too sure about that person’s feelings towards ourselves. So we try to find out if we truly fall in love or this is just a passing attraction.

Luckily, even though we fall in love with different people, but the signs of falling in love can be quite related. If you are not sure whether you are in love or not, please pay attention to these common signs:

1# You’re Checking Your Phone All The Time

You’re always checking your phone, maybe you want to make sure that your line is okay or your text messaging apps don’t have any problems. If you are glancing at your phone all the time is it because:

  • You are waiting for his text or call.
  • Or you’re hoping someone special likes your social media post.

Then we might be talking about love here. That is why you find yourself doing something extraordinary like you never done this to anyone else before.

2# Everything Seems Completely Fun And Exciting

When you’re in love, everything seems to be novel, fun and exciting. For example, when you see a new romantic movie preview, you’re thinking about them.

Without realizing, you’re hoping to do all these things together with them. Because whenever you’re with them, everything starts to seem completely fun and exciting.

3# You Always Talk About Him

Do your friends ever ask you why you always talk about them? Yes? When you fall in love with someone, you may not even realize that you always keep talking about them. For instance, your friends say something that reminds you of them, then suddenly you bring up their name in conversation.

4# You’re Not Sure Why Did You Get Jealous

This is something you can’t avoid. When you fall for someone, you want them to be exclusively for you, so a bit of jealousy is natural. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly not in the mood or mad at them because you just see them talked to other people. But be careful, too much jealousy is toxic behaviour and dangerous to the relationship.

5# You Could Not Explain Why You’re Always Happy

All of a sudden, for no obvious reason, you feel excited and happy. Things that may have irritated you or put down your mood before, they do not seem to annoy you anymore. You always feel bright, it feels like a ray of sunshine splashes over your forehead.

6# You’re Less Attracted To Other Guys

You start ignoring other attractive people and no longer have any kind of intense attraction to them. Falling in love with someone makes you change your perspective, the same hot guys in your favourite cafe no longer catch your attention. You just attracted to that one person and all you can think about is them.

7# You Want To Become A Better Person

One of the good things about falling in love is; that person indirectly makes you want to improve yourself in some way. You might push yourself to become better and having a more positive attitude. This is what you need in a relationship. If your partner isn’t building you up, then you might want to consider looking for another love.

8# You Feel Comfortable Around Him

Women are often nervous at the beginning of a relationship. They often want to make sure everything is okay before they meet him. It is important for women because they want to give their best impression to the guys they like. So they obviously don’t want their future partner seeing them without make-up or with messy hair.

But if you want to date someone for the long-term, you need to feel comfortable around them. You need to date someone who you aren’t embarrassed around, even if you say something awkward.

That said, if you feel comfortable, safe around him and feel connected, then he might be your great future partner.

9# You Start Thinking About Your Future

When you truly love someone, you will start to figure out your future together. You will start to include them in all your future plans, where do you want to work, where do you want to live when you’re older. You start thinking about all of these because you’re serious about making the relationship last.

You also start thinking about them when you’re making a big decision. When you’re really in love, you want them to be permanent, not just a temporary soulmate.

Falling in love is the best moment for everyone, but it also comes with their own challenges. During this time, you need to sort out a lot of questions about your future relationship. Does that person truly love you? Can they respect and understand you?

All these questions are important if you want a more stable future in your long-term relationship. So be clear with yourself and slowly find out whether you have found your one or not. Don’t just settle with someone that you’re not sure, because you deserve to be in love with the right one.

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