What Could Go Wrong with Your Kitchen’s Oven – Most Common Issues

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What Could Go Wrong with Your Kitchen’s Oven – Most Common Issues

No matter if you are someone who hosts dinner parties all the time or you are in charge of making meals for your family, no one has time to deal with a broken oven. For those who are regular oven users or planning to be, here are the most common issues that people face. What could go wrong with your kitchen’s oven – most common issues.

Oven Temperature is Incorrect

One of the most common issues that people are experiencing is the temperature being incorrect. Depending on what kind of oven you are working with, there can be a couple of different things that might be wrong. In most common situations, you might need to be calibrating the temperature controls. Information on how to properly calibrate will be found in the manual that came with the oven; it is fairly simple. In most cases, it will involve processing specific buttons and holding them for a couple of seconds.

Oven Won’t Turn On

The second most common thing people struggle with when it comes to ovens is not turning on. Just like all appliances, an oven will have its own circuit that will help prevent its breakers from tripping. The first thing that you need to look at is the junction box and see if there are any tripped circuit breakers and if the oven is plugged in correctly. If everything is okay in that department, you will have to look for other issues. When your oven is not turning on, you should check for broken wires, broil elements, or simply having too much or too little power coming to the unit. If you are working with a gas oven, you might be dealing with a faulty gas control or valve. When it comes to eclectic ovens, always leave the troubleshooting to a professional as you can get electrocuted easily.

Oven Light Doesn’t Work

One of the most common minor issues a lot of oven owners are dealing with is the light not turning on. All you need to do is replace the bulb. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you might be looking at disconnected wires, faulty electronic controls, or a faulty switch. Just like we said before, when you are dealing with wires, always leave that to a professional to prevent getting electrocuted.

Oven Door Won’t Open or Shut

Something that a lot of newer ovens deal with is the doors not opening or shutting correctly. The thing that you can do on your own is to unplug the oven from the wall or shut off the circuit breaker for five minutes. Once you turn on the power, your door should be able to open and regularly close as the oven has reset itself. If you don’t have a newer oven and the doors are not working, you might be dealing with bad hinges. Replacing the hinges requires disassembling the doors and removing the side panels. When you are working with an oven, always make sure that you are unplugging it from the wall.

Oven Won’t Self-Clean

Another very common issue when you own a newer model of the oven is the self-cleaning not working properly. If you are experiencing this, what you can do on your own is ensure that you have closed the door properly. That is the most common reason why it is not turning on as the oven has to lock the door in order to start the process. If that is not the issue it is best that you hire a professional oven repairs specialist. That is because fixing this issue will require special tools as well as expertise.

You’re Taking Too Many Peeks Inside

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with your oven. The reason why your food isn’t cooking currency or the oven is getting very filthy quickly is mainly because you open the oven door too many times to check on the food. When you are doing this, the heat is escaping, and it can cause your food to turn into a disaster, especially if you are baking cakes or bread.

You’re Using The Wrong Settings

Even though it might be something people don’t want to admit easily, it is the most common issue of all themes; using the wrong settings is something that can happen to anyone. You always have to make sure that you are looking at the institution manual before cooking. On top of that, you also have to use the correct shelf levels in order to guarantee the best outcome.

As you can see, there are quite a few issues you can come across when you are using the oven, but if you read the manuals and take care of the oven correctly, you will have minimal issues. Also, keep in mind that every home needs motor burnout insurance for electric devices at home to help you deal with breakdowns. It is a very smart investment and can save a lot of money.

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