10 Valuable Lessons Dogs Teach Us About What Really Matters

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10 Valuable Lessons Dogs Teach Us About What Really Matters

I have always loved dogs. My dogs have been a constant source of love and amusement, but even more so, my four-legged friends have taught me great life lessons. Here are 10 valuable lessons dogs teach us about what really matters in life.

1. Embrace the present moment

Embrace the present moment

Dogs don’t hold onto the past or get hung up on the future, they live in the present. They are concerned only with what’s happening right now, and thus they can fully experience each moment. It is important to stay present during each moment, rather than concerning oneself with what’s been done or what will happen next.

2. Dogs know how to chill

 Dogs know how to chill

Dogs can find endless places to nap, the pillow, a pile of clothes, the couch, anywhere really. Taking time to recharge with a small nap can make a difference to how you enjoy your day.

3. Dogs know the importance of stretching

Dogs instinctually stretch out their muscles when they get up from a long rest. We should do the same, take the time to stretch our bodies after a long sleep to get our blood flowing and our body moving. It feels good and it helps you wake up.

4.  Dogs prioritise play/exercise

Dogs prioritise play/exercise

Dogs of all ages play. They love playing, getting out for a run or a walk. Making time each day to go for a walk, get outside, bread the fresh air, is great for our fitness and our mental health.

5. Dogs make time for everyone

Dogs make time for everyone

Dogs are natural socializers, enthusiastically greeting everyone they pass regardless of age, status or gender. Unlike people,  dogs don’t judge others based on their appearance. If you close yourself to strangers, you’re missing out – so many missed chances at striking friendships.

6. Dogs don’t play mind games

When dogs want something – go outside, ask for a treat, to play – they will simply just tell you. They don’t drop hints or expect you to read minds. Dogs don’t sulk or shut you out if you didn’t get what they were asking you, they try again. Holding your feelings, being vague, expecting others to be mind readers or figure out what you want, will make you less happy and oddly enough not get what you want.

7. Dogs forgive and forget

Dogs forgive and forget

No matter what you do – raise your voice at your dog or stop them from going out – they always forgive straight away and forget. There is no time for holding grudges or staying angry in a dog’s world. Dogs teach you that the small day to day annoyances are not important, but the bond that you share and the happiness and experiences you share are what really count. Being able to forgive, frees you to enjoy all the moments that come after the insignificant incident, with those you love. Staying angry only weighs you down emotionally and keeps you from moving forward in life. Forgive, let go and free yourself to live.

8. Dogs are emotionally receptive

Dogs are emotionally receptive

Dogs are in tune with your ups and downs, they are sensitive to our emotions. They are receptive to the fluctuations of emotions around them and are always there to comfort you when things aren’t right. Being aware and sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings can help us navigate better our relationships, social or emotional, in a more meaningful, and engaging way.

9.  Dogs are loyal

Loyalty is a rare trait to find, yet dogs practice loyalty with such ease. Your dog will see you at your worse and at your best and love you, stay by you all the same.

10. Dogs jump for joy

Dogs jump for joy

Dogs jump up and down when you get home, at the thought of going to the park, or at the thought od getting a treat. Every moment of life is a big celebration. Life is great, look around you and see what a miracle this wonderful world we live in is. Like dogs, we should jump up for joy because there is so much to be thankful for.


There is so much we can learn from our pet dogs. They zestful approach to life, their immense capacity to love and forgive and their undying loyalty. We stand to learn from them on a daily basis and to try to remember to emulate them will lead to happiness and a full life.

What life lessons has your dog taught you? Let us know in the comments below.


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