7 Great Actors Who Are Known But Not Famous

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7 Great Actors Who Are Known But Not Famous

There is no doubt that one of the most important elements of the success of a movie is its actors. They can make a movie shine and attract the attention of the viewers and seize their love. However, all the actors who play in a movie cannot gain and receive equal appreciation, and even some of the great actors are underrated and underestimated due to various reasons.

Underrated actors

Some of these unappreciated actors are known, but they are not that much famous. They have left a deep impression on their audiences with their acting skills and yet never got the attention they truly deserve. Let’s get to know some of these actors. 7 great actors who are known but not famous.

1. Toby Kebbell

It is taken for granted that ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ is a wonderful film. It is one of the best sci-fi films, which was made in 2014. There are many reasons this film was a success, but one of the most important reasons is Toby Kebbell’s performance as the “cruel Koba,” an ape which has been used as a subject of an experiment by humans and is now a dejected, strange and revengeful being. The fact that he becomes completely involved in the role – in every aspect of the role – is very scarce in the current world. So many actors try to make their persona shine through. However, Kebbell forgets and disregards himself completely and embraces his role. He delivers an amazing performance in “RocknRolla” and “Black Mirror,” which clearly shows he should receive more attention from movie lovers.

2. Toni Collette

Everyone agrees that Toni Collette has his best performance in comedic, unexpected roles, but she has also created many dramatic works that are worth looking into. She is very similar to Toby Kebbell in that she’s one of those actors who just merges into her role with great success. She was a highly talented actor from the start. ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ was the fourth role she played in her professional career, and since then, she’s shined in some excellent films. ‘Velvet Goldmine,’ ‘The Sixth Sense,’ ‘About A Boy,’ ‘The Hours’, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ‘The Way Back’ to name a few – she was also amazing in the ‘Shaft’ remake, and that was risible.

3. Joel Edgerton

If you just take a look at the list of films of Joel Edgerton, he has appeared in almost all genres across TV and film. He has experienced every role – from great roles such as ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ to smaller, more self-examining roles like ‘The Gift’ (which he himself was the director) and ‘Kinky Boots .”Warrior’ also indicated how Edgerton had the ability to change himself – again, vanishing completely into the role and becoming something cruel and hostile. Other roles in ‘Loving’ and ‘Boy Erased’ (which he himself directed) make him a well-known person.

4. Richard Jenkins

If appreciation and gratitude were equally distributed among people, everyone could better understand the capabilities of Richard Jenkins. He is the exact definition of an actor, appearing in some amazing roles and guiding the actors to the central plot. But even when he is not experiencing that kind of role, he’s still wonderful. ‘Killing Them Softly’ is a great example, where he portrays an ordinary lawyer who works for a crime syndicate. The film is interrupted by these meetings with Brad Pitt, where they want to deal with a debt problem. ‘Six Feet Under,’ ‘Step Brothers,’ and ‘The Shape of Water’ are his most famous and well-known works.

5. Viola Davis

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ might be a poor-quality TV show, but Viola Davis has always been the strong point of it. It’s great to eventually observe mainstream Hollywood perceiving the fact that she’s an astounding actor. She’s appeared in many TV roles and, in all of them, she’s had wonderful performances. ‘Law and Order: SVU,’ the remake of ‘The Andromeda Strain,’ she even made an appearance alongside Toni Collette in the short but amazing ‘United States of Tara .’In connection with the film, Davis impressed viewers greatly in ‘Fences,’ ‘The Help’ and ‘Widows .’And she was one of the great elements of the frightening ‘Suicide Squad.’

6. Nicolas Cage

This is the most terrible thing about Nicolas Cage. It is just enough to watch ‘Mandy,’ ‘Bad Lieutenant’, ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ or ‘Rumblefish’ and you’ll understand what an unrepeatable actor he is. He can play a completely serious and calm role such as in ‘Moonstruck’ or ‘Joe’ – or he can become extremely angry like in ‘Face / Off’ or ‘Vampire’s Kiss .’Very few actors can shift between two completely different states like Cage. He is one of the unappreciated actors who has not gained the fame he deserves, which reminds us of Arturo Moreno.

7. Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is one of those actors that everyone can see consistency in his roles. The second season of ‘Fargo’ is so great that it can get any awards specific for television series. And this is mostly because of Patrick Wilson. The subtle nature of his performance in ‘Fargo’ is just astonishing. When you watch the older model of his character, it’s visible that Wilson was undertaking specific facets of it and combing them together so smoothly. He has also played some comedic roles as well. The unjustly slandered ‘A-Team’ remake, Jason Reitman’s ‘Young Adult,’ and DC blockbuster ‘Aquaman’ all prove that Wilson has played many different and great roles. Why he does not appear in more well-known films is a mystery. He can take on more intelligent, subtle roles without any problems.


The actors can guarantee the success of a film with their wonderful skills. There are some actors who are known and famous, and they are highly appreciated by both viewers and critics, while some actors do not receive as much appreciation and acclaim as they deserve. They have specific and even sometimes undiscovered abilities that can distinguish them from ordinary actors.

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