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Winter has arrived and just like humans, many pets will feel the effects of the cold weather. We forget that our pets are just as accustomed to the warm weather and shelter of our indoor homes as we are.  It’s important to consider your pet’s wellbeing during winter and with a few thoughtful adjustments to our pet’s routine, we can ensure they too stay happy, healthy and comfortable during the cooler months. Dr Katerina Warren’s top winter pet care tips might help your beloved pet through the wintertime.


During winter, your pet still needs the same mental and physical stimulation as they do during the warmer months. There are some pets who absolutely hate going out in testing conditions, but you need to make sure they are getting some form of exercise to get them moving– you can play games like fetch at home. Older pets and pets with arthritis particularly struggle in winter, so you may need to prioritise walking at the warmest time to alleviate discomfort. Just like humans, exercise is important for our pet’s health and mental wellbeing and should be prioritised in your pet’s routine all year round.


It’s important to adjust your pet’s diet according to their amount of exercise. If your pet is doing less exercise during the winter months, make sure you’re feeding them accordingly. Just like people like to snack in winter, we often give our pets extra treats and tasty leftovers, please remember to factor this in as part of their diet.


During winter, it’s important to place your pets’ bed away from drafts, cold or wet areas of the home. Like humans, many pets enjoy a bed with high sides in winter to keep them cosy and warm like the Snooza Calming Cuddler Bed, where they can bury into the snuggly walls. For senior dogs particularly, it’s important to have a supportive mattress for them. I have my senior golden retriever Riley on the Snooza Orthopaedic Snuggler Bed which provides great support and is very easy to get out of.


In some environments and with certain breeds, wearing a jacket is really important.  Breeds that have low body fat like the Whippet really feel the cold and benefit greatly from a coat during winter. Older dogs also struggle to keep warm and can benefit from a coat. When selecting a coat, it’s important to look for a style that is warm, weatherproof and easy to put on to ensure your pet is comfortable and protected.  I don’t recommend putting coats on puppies, as they can get tangled.


Winter is a really important time to groom your dog as they’re especially prone to mats and tangles due to dirt and mud getting in their coat during walks. If you take your dog for a walk outside, make sure to check their paws for dirt between their pads that can become uncomfortable. Bath time can also be more difficult during winter, so you could also look at using a dry pet shampoo for in-between bath time.

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Katrina Warren

Dr Katrina Warren is a veterinarian best known for her work in the media as a presenter and spokesperson. She has worked across all media platforms, including TV, radio, print and online; has authored four books and regular hosts major events Dr Katrina Warren has a genuine love for animals and her real passion is helping pet owners enhance the special bond that is shared with pets. Katrina is a proud Ambassador for Snooza Pet Products

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