Everything you must know about lash lifting

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Everything you must know about lash lifting

Lash lifting is trending in the beauty world. The new product has successfully delivered beautiful eyelashes to many people. There’s some confusion between the lash lift and extension. The lash lift concentrates over the lifting of the eyelashes, while the latter presents extensive eye-lashes. This is everything you must know about lash lifting.

What is the process of lash lifting?

  • Eyelash lifting follows the following procedure:
  • Firstly, your eyelashes are cleaned to make sure not even the minute of the particle is left as a residue on the lashes. The beautician places silicon pads on the top of your lower lashes to keep them out of the effect of getting curled upwards. Then the technician applies a silicon shield onto the eyelids using a non-toxic glue. Applying glue on the mould, an upward and outward curl is created. The outcome gets revealed after the lashed are adhered to the shield and separated. Mark that the process gets done on the upper eyelashes.
  • Care is taken to separate the lashes one by one. The perm solution is a chemical solution that sets on the roots of the lash. The solution takes 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness of eyelashes. The perm solution softens the hair making it malleable or vulnerable. It is then wiped off by the technicians and is left to re-harden again so that it sets back in place.
  • Different mould sizes and shapes are available to give the desired curl to your lashes. The solution, applied to the base and the middle of lashes prevents any damage occurring to the lash tips.

The final step of the treatment gets processed by applying oil or conditioner to the lashes.

For how long does the lash lift last?

Before getting the lash lift at the St Kilda beauty lounge, you will want to know for how long will the lash lift last.

The lash lift treatment curls your natural eyelashes up to twelve weeks, which again depends on the growth cycle of the individual’s hair, lifestyle, also aftercare. You need to make sure to maintain the curl of the lashes to keep them tinted for some time, which will help create more colour depth.

After the lash lift, try avoiding any kind of oil-based makeup as the oil disrupts the solution and makes it harder to stick. Also using a waterproof mascara causes many issues to the lashes because it needs to get removed with an oil-based solution.

How to take care of the eyelashes after the lift?

Care about the following things after you get your eyelashes lifted:

  • Try not to rub your eyes.
  • Make sure to not get lashes wet, especially in the first twenty-four hours so that the perming process reaches the full effect without losing the most and curls. Make sure to cover the eyes with a dry-wash cloth before you shower.
  • Apply the prescribed product on the lashes for twenty-four hours after treatment.
  • Remove the eye makeup gently using non-oily remover.
  • Use a lash brush to gently brush the lashes.
  • If willing to apply mascara, make sure to use a natural fibre that is loaded with minerals.

What to expect from the lash lift treatment?

The treatment is a simple, relaxing and pain-free beauty procedure. Apart from the discomfort of fixing the silicone pads on the lower lashes, the remaining treatment is quite relaxing and you have to keep your eyes closed for the entire procedure. The treatment, depending on the solution used, it can also help in strengthening the lashes and can be reinforced using keratin and nutrients.

You should allow an hour for the appointment and make sure not to carry any makeup when you visit the beautician for the treatment.

Can lash lift ruin your lashes?

If you fail to take care of the eyelashes, you will surely ruin your lashes. So before you start the treatment, understand the degree of commitment you need to give to take care of it.

Take home message

Make sure to get the treatment by the reputed beauticians in your city. One of such kinds is the Revitalising Beauty for a lash lift in St Kilda that renders the best services and guides you as per your needs.

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