Getting Ready for Perfect Smile Orthodontic Treatments

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Getting Ready for Perfect Smile Orthodontic Treatments

Ever un-tagged yourself from a social media photo or post because your smile was not perfect? A survey conducted by Invisalign established that close to 57% of U.S and UK residents are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth. The reality is that very few people in this world get born having a picture-perfect smile.

The good news is that you can still attain your dream of getting a set of pearl white teeth coupled with a straight and healthy smile. With some assistance from invisible braces, adults and teenagers alike will soon find themselves smiling again in public without being self-conscious. But how do you know which braces are good for you? Let’s walk you through getting ready for perfect smile orthodontic treatment.

1. Understand Your Personal Needs

To understand your needs, you will need to take four factors into account. These are:
Complexity; refers to where your teeth are seriously crooked and where the dentist has mentioned that your bite may be off.
Appearance; do you want people to know that you are using metal braces to straighten your teeth?
Speed; how long will it take to rectify the condition of your teeth.
Cost; applies to a person who has a very limited budget

2. Weighing the Pros and Cons of Getting Orthodontic Treatments

Before getting orthodontic treatments, the factors above will determine how you approach the second step. The factor you consider the most important is the one that will guide the type of braces that you opt to get.

a) Traditional Metal Braces

While many people choose to refer to them as ‘traditional’ the reality is that the technology used in their manufacture has undergone a lot of advancements in the last few years. The orthodontist fabricates the braces from high-quality stainless steel to form brackets that will then be attached to each tooth. O-rings are then used to connect a very thin archwire to each brace. The dentist will then need to routinely tighten this archwire.

In the process, he or she will also need to replace your elastics while at the same time ensuring that pressure is applied to help move the teeth to the desired position.
The good thing about this type of braces is that they are affordable. They are normally recommended for use by patients with complex jaw and teeth issues.

b) Ceramic Braces

If you are concerned about the visibility of the braces, then you may want to consider getting ceramic braces as an alternative to the metal variation. This type of braces is made using a clear and transparent material. They are popular among many adults as they are not easily noticeable, which is also their primary advantage.

c) Clear Aligners

For those who are anxious about how they will look and appear, they ought to consider getting clear aligners. Patients who opt for this particular treatment method will need to ensure that they replace their aligner trays every two weeks.

You can remove the clear aligner when attending a special occasion, when performing oral hygiene routines, or when drinking and eating. It is deemed the best option for patients who are conscious of their image.
Aligners are also recommended for people who have rigorous oral care routines.

3. Find the Right Orthodontist

Your preferred choice of an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist will have a great impact on the result achieved at the end of the treatment process. Each physician will have a certain brand that he or she recommends to their patients. Experience is another issue to consider as some orthodontists are well-versed with certain brands compared to others. If cost is an issue, be sure to inquire about the implementation costs as well as the costs to be incurred when making follow-up visits.

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