All the Types of Formulas of Mascaras You Can Choose From

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All the Types of Formulas of Mascaras You Can Choose From

Every makeup artist agrees that mascara must be part of your makeup look regardless of how causal or natural you want it to be. Lashes with mascara create a more in-depth look and complement the whole eye look. The makeup industry has been developing all these years to date a solution to every specific need of the market. There are several different types of formulas of mascara that women can enjoy today. Here is a short description of all the types of formulas of mascaras you can choose from.

1. Lengthening mascara

This formula is intended for people with short lashes. It has the power to elongate the lashes. The usual brush that goes with this type of mascara is a wand with denser bristles as it enables the formula to get onto each of the lashes, especially to the tips. So, if you have short and sparse eyelashes don’t hesitate to buy one of this kind. However, keep in mind that you need to apply at least two layers of the mascara so that they become longer.

2.Volumizing Mascara

Also known as the thickening mascara, this formula makes the lashes achieve a fuller and thicker look. The best mascara for volume contains a thicker formula and is enriched with waxes and silicone polymers which bind together and create a fuller look. If you have thin or sparse eyelashes, and the length doesn’t matter to you, this is your perfect choice. The difference between the lengthening mascara and the thickening mascara is that the latter doesn’t apply synthetic fibres. It is intended to complement the shape and the colour of the natural lashes.

3. Curling Mascara

If you already have long or thick lashes, but the fact that they are straight is bothering you, get yourself a curling mascara which will enhance the natural curl of the lashes. The formula is much thicker than the other types of formulas thus it manages to hold the curl for a longer time.

4. Lash-Defining Mascara

These are the famous 3-in-1 mascaras that guarantee thickness, definition and longer lashes, all in one. You can also find them as a waterproof solution. The consistency and texture of the lash defining mascara are different than the other types’ because it has unique pigments that help it achieve the results. Usually, the end look is separate eyelashes, beautifully curled and with a high volume and thickness. They give the lashes a natural look, but if used in two or more layers, they can create a bolder and more dramatic look.

5. Non-Clumping Mascara

This type of mascara formula contains glycerine and silk extract and are probably the latest addition on the market. They create a neat finish making the lashes silky and smooth. They usually come with a longer wand to achieve a deeper finish.

6. Waterproof or Water-Resistant Mascaras

Waterproof mascaras won’t smudge and will last long. However, they are hard to remove, and you need more than water to take the formula off. Usually, you need to use oil-based makeup remover to get all of it off. They are recommended to use in summers and humid weather as well as for occasions that last for long hours.


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