Penis size does matter but not the way you think….

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Penis size does matter but not the way you think….

A study, which was conducted at UCLA’s sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, used for its research 3-D printed models of penis when asking women which ones they preferred.

This study showed penis size does matter but not the way you think. According to this study, women like different penis size for one-night stands than they do for long-term relationships.

Listen up guys; the size of your penis does matter after all. However, the length of your junk is far less important then the girth, according to this new study looking at the difference between a woman’s desires in a one-night stand penis and in a relationship penis.

In both situation, women chose a penis that was 6.5 inches in length because any longer probably bruises and hurts, making sex unpleasant and putting fun to an abrupt stop, no fun for all parties concerned.  For flings women prefer a penis with a slightly larger girth than those they prefer in a permanent relationship.

This study seems a bit incomplete, as it doesn’t quite explain why women wouldn’t choose men with a slightly larger girth for relationships as well as flings. Maybe love overpowers desire and the girth of his junk is secondary


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