Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

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Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

Just like having a wardrobe full of fashionable clothing. Every woman needs a few jewellery box essentials that can transition an outfit from daywear to evening wear instantly. The right pieces of jewellery can complete any outfit. So, here I have curated some timeless pieces of jewellery every woman should possess. From diamonds to pearls, these classic pieces will add simple elegance to any ensemble.

Diamond Earrings

Indeed, the most important piece is a pair of earrings. Generally, I would recommend a stud or a huggy. The diamond stud is perhaps the most classic, elegant and most versatile. It can be a stud earring with some colour like the pink Argyle diamonds. The great thing about diamond earrings is that it is a go-to earring for every day. You can use this as a backdrop for everything else that you are going to wear and it will ensure that your look is finished and polished. Truthfully, a woman’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a sparkling pair of diamond earrings. They will add an extra element of shine and elegance to any outfit.

String of Pearls

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From an elegant and simple pearl necklace to a pair of earrings with pearl accents. A few glistening pearls add a specific element of class to any jewellery box. Pearls are more often seen as jewellery to wear on formal occasions. However, recent adaptations of the timeless classic have made pearls something you could wear on a daily basis.

Iconic Bracelet

Your jewellery box is incomplete without an iconic bracelet. Iconic bracelets add a subtle hint of beauty and elegance to any ensemble. If you are a gem lover, you can pick a bracelet with rows of rough cut peridot stones in golden cases, or you could choose a diamond bracelet. If you want something stunning, then select a chunky bracelet with various gems of contrasting colours. Whatever style bracelet you pick, go for the one that reflects your personality the most.

Set of Stackable Rings

In the past few years, stackable rings have become increasingly popular, and there are a variety of different styles and unique ring designs to pick from. Best of all, you can wear them all at once. You could go with a spectrum of stones, garnets, yellow sapphires or green tourmaline and dress it up in 18 ct. rose gold. These rings look elegant and chic at the same time. You can even add a personal touch to your rings. 

Personalised Jewellery

Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own











Having something that is genuinely yours, adds meaning to the object. Whether it is engraving your jewellery or putting a photo into the heart-shaped locket, it is treasured for years and holds a significant value. It could also mean choosing jewellery based on your star sign or birth month. You can select diamond rings, bracelets, pendants and even personalised earrings.

If you only have a few things on this list of a classic jeweller, don’t worry. You can find anything from a beautiful pendant necklace to diamond rings and even statement pieces at Australia Diamond Company. However, when shopping, keep your wardrobe in mind to create the best outfit pairings possible.

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