The Best Backpacks For Corporate Gifting

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The Best Backpacks For Corporate Gifting

Backpacks are a traveler’s constant companion. People who are always on the go and those who love adventure have an obsession with backpacks. They come in a wide range with several features.

Most people prefer nylon backpacks as they are lightweight, easy to carry, and durable. It is probably one of the most-used synthetic products with various applications.

Here’s a guide to buying the best backpacks for gifting:

The Comfort Factor

If you plan to give away backpacks as a promotional product, the first thing to look out for is the comfort factor. No point in gifting gear that hurts your customer’s back. The comfort level of the backpack depends on its shape, back padding, and shoulder straps.

The weight has to be distributed evenly across the back of the person carrying the backpack. It is advisable to select backpacks with adjustable, padded shoulder straps contoured to the natural shape of the lower back.

Durability is Essential

Research indicates that most people keep their corporate gifts for more than a year. Hence, unless the backpack is made of durable material, it will wear out in a short time. Go for backpacks made from tough nylon that can last for years.

Although thick canvas is also durable, it adds to the backpack’s unladen weight, making it heavier and challenging to carry. Leather is an excellent option though the cost is prohibitive. But gifting a genuine leather backpack enhances the reputation of your brand. Check more here on backpacks for corporate gifting.

Offering Protection from the Elements

The design of the backpack matters not only from the shape and style angle but also from how well it protects the content inside. Water-resistance should be the most significant property of the backpack you give. While semi-waterproof material may be fine, it offers limited protection.

Carrying documents in such a backpack will be risky. Nylon and polyester offer the best protection and make the best option for water-resistant backpacks. Also, if you include a compartment for carrying laptops, tablets, or mobiles, ensure they fit in snugly with little or no movement while on the go. Learn more here on backpacks with multiple compartments for carrying various knick-knacks.

Size Also Matters

While deciding the size of the backpacks you plan to gift, it is better to know more about your target audience. If you target the younger generation, it is better to keep the size small enough, with compartments for laptops, tablets, and mobiles being a must.

The size of the backpack needs to be proportionate to the size of the torso of the carrier. Usually, small backpacks are perfect for 18-inch torsos, and medium and regular size backpacks suit 20-inch torsos. For 20-inch torsos, a large backpack is best.

Backpack Budget

You need to decide the budget you are ready to allocate for your corporate gift (backpack). While a shoe-string budget accommodates mediocre material and craftsmanship, generous funding gets you a backpack with aesthetic appeal. The budget allocation is entirely up to you, and the higher the budget, the better it reflects on your brand image.

Summing it Up

Backpacks are excellent for corporate gifting. It is crucial to select durable material and backpacks that are functional. People prefer packs with multiple compartments.

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