Australian Outback Experiences You Should not Miss in 2021

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Australian Outback Experiences You Should not Miss in 2021

Whether getting back in touch with nature. Travelling for the sake of exploring uncharted geography, even looking for open skies or exotic wildlife to study. Australia is a perfect destination to visit. Beyond the bustle of Melbourne and the elegance of Sydney; is an unforgettable experience. The Australian outback experience has a wide array of opportunities for a diverse pallet of adventure. This is truly where the excitement lays. Australia outback experiences you should not miss in 2021.

The many topographies of Australia offer premium adventures for everyone

It is hard to deny the charm of crystal blue water and white sand beaches. Located in the Whitsunday Islands would be White Haven Beach. This destination is the apotheosis of paradise. Ultimate relaxation is the primary draw. Gentle waves and crystal blue hue waters surround you. You can even take a cruise from Hamilton Island or stay overnight with holiday house accommodations.

If aquatic wildlife is your beach incentive, snorkelling is an obvious incentive. Cottesloe Beach, which is a thirty-minute drive from Perth, is a three-section beach with much to offer. North Cottesloe Beach is home to Peter’s Pool, a unique and famous area noted for its snorkelling. Locals and tourists both retain enjoyment from Peter’s Pool. Quench your adrenaline rush on the southern side of Cottesloe beach. Locals are known to surf in these legendary waters too.

Past the lore of Australia’s beaches, the brave can visit all the outback has to offer

There are many national parks Australia offers. One of the more unique experiences is Mungo National Park. Located near Sydney, the park boasts unique landscapes of sand and clay. These hills gush beautiful sandstone red hills that ripple like an accordion. Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park is another must-see national park. Two gorgeous landscapes you’ll find about five hours from Adelaide is Wilpena Pound and Lake Eyre. Wilpena Pound is a uniquely shaped piece of landscape. This massive naturally shaped amphitheatre is surrounded on all sides by majestic mountains. Layered one next to the other, sporting Wilpena Pound in the centre. Lake Eyre is a must-see as well. When flooded, this salt pan turns into a beautiful salmon-coloured lake. Which you can see when using the flights that take you over these waters. There is accommodation close by; at Wilpena Pound Resort.

Australia boasts a rich history and culture

Broken Hill New South Wales is the centre for all of this. Broken Hill NSW offers colourful local history. Throughout the area, you can taste a diverse menu of food and drink, Broken Hill accommodations are in abundance pulling you to stay a few days in this region to sample a little bit of everything. The “Oasis of the West” is historically an island mining city. Geology exhibits can be viewed on display as you wind through the many parks – Broken Hill Sculptures, Living Desert Sanctuary, the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum.

Australia will end up capturing a piece of you and keep you coming back for more

Whether visiting Australia for surf, sun, snorkelling, wildlife, relaxation, or even art and history. There is something for everyone. Australia is truly a unique paradise that has an unforgettable experience that will find what you are looking for.


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