Road towards a Successful Poolside Makeover

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Road towards a Successful Poolside Makeover

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is probably one of the best features you could have. Not only does it provide instant relaxation and rejuvenation after a hard day’s work. It’s also an amazing setting for parties and entertainment. However, pools are a luxurious feature and they do require regular maintenance if you want them to last. Sooner or later, certain makeovers or renovations will be necessary to keep the pool safe, functional and attractive. The road towards a successful poolside makeover is simpler than you think.

At first, a poolside makeover might sound overwhelming. It might seem like it will blow your budget, but it doesn’t have to be so. A lot of work can be done as a DIY project as long as you have a good plan and strategy.

Here are several ideas how you can successfully redecorate your poolside area.


The pool itself is an amazing backyard feature but it isn’t complete without a well-designed patio. The patio is an important part of the poolscape which adds definition to the outdoor space. It is particularly convenient for sunbathing, dining, relaxing and socializing, so it’s essential you make it comfortable and inviting. However, make sure that it complements both your lifestyle and the style of your home.

There are basically two ways to go about this. One, you can turn it into a hotspot for parties and socialising or a peaceful, natural oasis. If you go with the first option, you might consider adding a wooden pergola or a curtained cabana as it will offer you and your guests a covered and cosy place to relax, chat, and enjoy the weather in the shade.

Road towards a Successful Poolside Makeover

Another great addition is to install a swim-up pool bar as an integral part of the pool itself by attaching underwater stools to the bottom and adding a mosaic tile bar at the edge of the pool for drinks. In this way, everyone can enjoy having a few drinks and chatting without having to leave the pool. For a full alfresco ambience, consider putting a fire pit nearby with customized seating for a warm and intimate feel.

On the other hand, if you are a more private type and prefer your swimming pool area to be a peaceful and soothing environment, go for the greenery. Making a garden oasis will enhance the natural setting of your backyard, give you more privacy. Also, lush plants in vibrant colours combined with natural stone pathways will tie all the elements together.

Pool maintenance

No amount of surrounding decor and cool features can ever compensate for a dirty and poorly maintained pool. Make sure your pump, filters and water purifiers are serviced regularly and functioning properly so that the pool water stays clean, clear and up to standards. Scoop the leaves and debris on a regular basis, brush the floor and pool sides, and make sure that pool chemical levels are optimal.

Road towards a Successful Poolside Makeover

Furthermore, if you want to spruce it up and give it a fresh new look, consider using a special swimming pool paint. By painting your pool, you won’t just add to its value, but you’ll also make it more appealing and inviting. There’s a wide choice of pool paints and colours that are safe and contain no added chemicals or harmful substances.


Finally, after all the renovations regarding the poolside area are done, it would be a complete shame to let it stay in the dark. Lighting has always been a great design tool with great potential to transform a place. LED lights are a great choice as they are relatively cheap and last longer than traditional light bulbs.

Road towards a Successful Poolside Makeover

Another budget saving option is to put up lanterns or even Christmas lights around the surrounding trees or on your pergola, and maybe solar torches along pathway sides, and you’ll end up with a beautifully lit and romantic setting.

Investing in your poolside renovation is a project that will definitely pay off. An updated swimming pool functions better, it’s safer and requires less maintenance. Not only will it be more energy efficient and cost-effective, but its lifespan will be prolonged.


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