5 Benefits of Travelling by Caravan

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5 Benefits of Travelling by Caravan

Summer is fast approaching and with it, so are summer vacations. When planning one, especially if the whole family is going; it’s best to make all the preparations in advance and calculate approximately how much you’re willing to spend. The biggest expenditures are usually related to hotels, motels, and other accommodations. These could be avoided in the long term, by getting a caravan. It isn’t only a responsible choice; getting a caravan comes with a number of advantages and can make your family vacations more comfortable and enjoyable. These are 5 benefits of travelling by caravan.

1. Freedom

There’s really no price you can put on freedom and that is what caravans basically are. They allow you to plan and organize the vacation based on your needs and interests. Owning a caravan; means that you can take a break anywhere you want and anytime you want or feel the need to.



Most countries have large camping grounds with all the necessary facilities. You can also go completely off the grid – park in the middle of nowhere and live on what you have. That’s how memories get made. Just make sure you follow all camping travel tips – you should eliminate odours from food and supplies. So, you don’t get any unexpected visits from wild animals. Keep your pets on a leash all the time; so they don’t wander around and get familiar with the area you are in.

2. Packing

Packing is probably the biggest hustle you have to deal with when travelling. Either you pack too little in order not to carry too much luggage around. Or you pack everything that you might need and half of the vacation is spent worrying and stressing about bags and suitcases. Caravans are the solution to these problems. They are spacious enough to bring everything and anything that you might need and there’s no need to think about the safety of your belonging because you’re the one with the key. It’s also much easier to bring your pet along, hotels can be very strict about animals while in a caravan –you set your own rules.

3. Sense of community

By getting a caravan you’re purchasing more than just a vehicle, you’re basically becoming a member of a secret club. In caravan camps, everyone has at least one thing in common to talk and bond over – caravans. There’s a quite strong sense of camaraderie as well, people are usually very open and willing to help each other out in terms of supplies or mechanical issues and anything else for that matter. These relationships often go far beyond camping and become true and honest friendships.

Sense of community

4. Being eco–friendly

Using a caravan is much more environmentally friendly. Going off the grid reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to actually nature by being in close contact with it. Buying groceries and other necessities in a form that’s suitable for travel is both cheaper and more environmentally conscious. Also, you don’t use the electricity grid and save a significant amount of water. Caravan camps are also equipped to help with these goals because they often allow visitors to charge their batteries using solar panels or have water on-site allowing you to conserve your supplies.

5. Money

In the end, affordability is probably the most important issue everyone’s concerned about when it comes to vacations. There are obvious advantages such as not paying for hotels, not renting cars and not having to book anything in advance and therefore tying yourself up in obligations. However, there’s more to it – caravans could actually make you money. If you don’t use them all year round renting them out is always a lucrative option, provided that you choose your clients carefully.

Caravans can make a great addition to your vacation plans, by making them more adventurous, more outgoing and less expensive at the same time.

Feature photo by Delphine Ducaruge on Unsplash
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