7 Classic Diamond Ring Designs That Never Go Out of Style

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7 Classic Diamond Ring Designs That Never Go Out of Style

Diamond jewellery is popular among men and women alike as it adds to their beauty and provides a unique charisma that sets them apart from others. Couples prefer to select classic diamond ring designs that highlight their fashion and sophistication. Since choosing the perfect diamond is not easy, here are six styles that never go out of style. 7 classic diamond ring designs that never go out of style.

1. Three-Stone Style

This type of diamond is symbolic and a romantic choice for couples. It is a trilogy style that is versatile and depends on the different types, shapes, and sizes of the stones utilized to make them. Additionally, it contains a large centre with two smaller diamonds making it sparkle and appeal to people as an engagement ring.

2. Flush Setting Ring

This super sleek ring design ensures the diamond is always inside the band. The design is especially for men who have an active lifestyle and would make a good engagement for anyone who wants to surprise their lover.

3. Oval Halo

It is the second most popular ring design after solitaire. The carat weight tends to be bigger than others due to its elongated oval shape. People who want to maximize the diamond size prefer this design. It also offers a vintage look which makes it fashionable and chic for women.

4. Pavé

It allows for personalization which makes it a simple and sophisticated ring. The pavé setting provides a technique with tiny diamonds or gems incorporated into the ring band. Therefore, it captivates your vision when placed in daylight as it glows due to the type of diamonds attached to it.

5. Solitaire

It is one of the most traditional engagement rings that often tops when it comes to rings that never go out of style. Consequently, it is an absolute beauty that highlights fashion sense and elegance. The ring derives its name from its feature that contains a single stone that takes centre stage.

6. Cathedral

It is an elegant ring style that derives its name from the metal of the shank. The cathedral ring has shoulders that curve to resemble the cathedral arches. Most ring designers prefer to top it up with pavé diamonds to make it sparkle.

7. Calleija Pink Diamonds

If you are looking for exquisite ring designs, select some of the best among Calleija pink diamond ring designs. Some of its rings include the unique Argyle pink diamond. The lifeline of this magnificent pink diamond is almost going extinct. However, you can access a range of pink diamond products made by this brand.

Diamond Accessories

You can accessorize your diamond ring with a diamond bracelet, necklace, and earrings if you want a chic look. However, you must select your accessory carefully if you do not want to look out of place and paint yourself as a fashion disaster.

When it comes to making an informed decision for a diamond ring for that special lady or gentleman, the information above will come in handy.


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