7 Useful Software Testing Tools for the Digital Entrepreneur

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7 Useful Software Testing Tools for the Digital Entrepreneur

There are tens of thousands software testing tools available in the market today. It may be quite difficult to determine the best tools for your project. In addition, if you are looking for IT jobs related to software testing, you need to learn some of these tools. Here are some of the leading test management tools with key features of each of them. Listed below are 7 useful software testing tools for the digital entrepreneur.

1. Squish

This is an automated GUI  based testing that works for all kinds of cross-platform desktop, mobile, embedded and web applications.


  • Does not depend on the visuals
  • Supports various scripting languages
  • Can be used on platforms like web, embedded, mobile desktop
  • Solid integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Integrates with Test Management and CI-Systems
  • It comes with command-line tools that offer full control

2. TestMonitor

This is an end-to-end tool for the management of various software tools. It has a simple, intuitive method of testing and can be used in various functions, including app building, need QA and enterprise software implementation.


  • Integrated issue management
  • Risk-based and requirement testing
  • Allows for third-part integrations that include Slack, DevOps and Jira
  • Enables smart reporting which includes various visualisation and filter options
  • Features multi-tester runs, milestone cloning and other planning tools
  • Its test case design is able to support thousands of test cases
  • Issue management is integrated into the tool.

3. HeadSpin

HeadSpin is a Connected Intelligence Platform. It offers support for IoT, mobile, web and 5G testing. You can use it to unify monitoring, testing and analytics across various applications, networks and applications. It can empower QA, development, product and operations teams to ensure connected experiences and enhance digital success.


  • Regression Testing
  • Local code profiling and debugging
  • Automation
  • Allows for up to 6500 parallel tests
  • It can be used by over 300 devices in over 30 countries through cloud connectivity
  • Allows for remote debugging
  • It is possible to conduct localised tests with the tool

4. LambdaTest

This scalable tool can be used for automated and manual software testing across various browsers that include IE, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. It is designed for the web app and website testing on the cloud infrastructure. With the test platform, you can ensure your web app and website render with ease across mobile and desktop browsers while supporting automated, manual and visual testing. Besides, it allows you to access over 2,000 mobile and desktop browser combinations on the cloud.


  • API for continuous testing
  • Automated Selenium web testing
  • Continuous integration tools and continuous testing
  • Allows for parallel testing for speed market testing
  • Automated screenshot testing
  • Has continuous testing API

5. WebLoad

This is a leading testing tool that offers scripting properties for testing various scenarios. It supports several technologies, from web protocols to enterprise applications, mobile to selenium. You can generate load in the premise and on the cloud using the said tool


  • You can load test scenarios efficiently and with ease using WebLoad
  • It has over 80 report types, which you can use to identify performance bottlenecks on the system
  • You can run performance testing from your cloud by allowing to generate load from your Amazon EC2

6. Angileload

Optimize the performance of your web applications with AgileLoad. Angileload is one of the load testing tools that is used to test the performance of applications that are critical to the business. The load-testing tool allows you to test application performance on both the mobile and web platforms.


  • Excellent, diagnostics, analysis and monitoring performance
  • Supports mobile and dynamic web technologies
  • Supports the creation of customised test reports
  • Allows for the development of the right decisions to improve the performance of applications

7. BlazeMeter

This is a load-testing tool that allows you to deliver high-performance software to perform tests for websites, mobile app and API. It can be used to check performance at every stage of development.


  • It allows you to retrieve Google Analytics report and integrate it into the testing setup
  • You can integrate multi-geo locations in your test progress

The choice of software testing tools is dependent on your need. There are tools for testing applications across various platforms, the cloud, on browsers and on various software tools. Some of the leading tools include BlazeMeter, Squish, Webload, LambdaTest, Angileload and HeadSpin, among others.

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