Easy Watermelon Party Trick

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Easy Watermelon Party Trick

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober demonstrates a cool watermelon trick you can use to fool and impress your friends and family at your next BBQ.  It’s easy and it’ll make you look like a boss.

This is not the first time that Mark Rober devised a watermelon party trick. Last September, he created an easy watermelon smoothie hack. That takes under 2 minutes to make with the help of a coat hanger, a drill and a plastic cup.

Here are the steps Rober took to get this watermelon party trick going.


First, he starts with two watermelons that are similar in shape and size. Then he cuts all the green skin off of one of the watermelons.


He continues to smooth the watermelon until there is only red left, he suggests you use a new kitchen scrub sponge in the same manner as you would sandpaper.


Now you take the second watermelon cut it in half and just remove the flesh out, slightly scrap it smooth and put it together. Now it’s ready to be taken to the party. The best part is that it has no rind to clean up later.

Watch the whole video to see step by step how Mark Rober does it.

H/T: Business Insider
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