Simple Tips to Make Travelling with Your Dog Easier

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Simple Tips to Make Travelling with Your Dog Easier

A cat person might disagree, but taking your dog with you to share your adventures is just about the best way to travel. Why may you ask? Because you get to travel with a fun travel companion without worrying about leaving your best friend back home. However, most holidays and vacations aren’t initially all that dog-friendly, but you can make them! By making a plan and knowing what to expect, you can create a pleasant trip both you and your dog can enjoy.

Travelling to Another Country

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When planning your journey to a foreign country, make sure you look up the laws of that particular country. Various countries around the world have different laws and strange regulations regarding pet travel that may be different than the ones you are used to. These rules can also differ depending on the breed and size of your dog. Ultimately, this helps you figure out whether or not you will need to buy extra equipment, like a muzzle.

Travel Documents

In order to travel with your dog abroad, you will need to get your dog a passport. Similar to pet regulations, each country also requires a different set of pet documents. Inquire about the requirements before you leave and check out whether you will need a proof of rabies/titer blood test, shots certificates or a microchip readout.

Travelling by Plane

When travelling by plane, there are a few things to consider to ensure your dog’s safety. Each airline company has its own rules regarding pet travel, and while there are pet-friendly airline companies out there, you will still need to read the fine print. Smaller dogs might be allowed to the passenger cabin, while larger dogs will need to travel in a crate in the cargo area.

Should You Sedate Your Dog?

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Even though you might be tempted to medicate your dog if you are travelling by plane, don’t do it. Despite there are a wide variety of medications that can sedate your dog, you still don’t know how your dog will react to it, especially if this is the first time. Also, this can be harmful to your dog’s health in the long-run, especially if you plan to travel together on a regular basis.

Tire Out Your Dog

Before your dog steps into a car or travel crate, make sure you take them for a longer walk. Exercise tires out your dog, burning out extra energy. If you have a naturally hyperactive dog with increased stamina, like a Border Collie, Golden Retriever or Lab, make sure you don’t just walk your dog, but play with them at least for an hour, as well.

Feed Your Dog

Feeding your dog before the trip helps them stay hydrated without the need to stop and find a tree after just an hour into your trip. Pet shops offer low-sodium wet dog food with enough nutrients and moisture to satisfy your dog’s need for water. This is especially helpful during a long drive or a lengthy plane ride.

Calm Your Dog Naturally

Calm Your Dog Naturally

Keep your dog calm and comfortable during the trip by bringing their favourite dog toy and blanket. When you add familiar objects to an unfamiliar environment, like a car or travel crate, your dog tends to focus on those, which relaxes it. In addition, try rubbing down some lavender oil on your palms and giving your dog a 5-minute massage.

Booking a Room

When going on a holiday with your dog, make sure to book pet-friendly accommodations. Beware hotels that label themselves as dog-friendly, but only allow small breeds. Also, you will need to respect the house rules, inform the staff about your dog, and keep it on a leash inside the hotel. Additionally, you can also consider renting out a house or apartment, since most landlords won’t have a problem with a dog.

In the end, it is up to you to create the best travel experience for your dog. Keep these simple and effective tips in mind, and you will have a fun and exciting adventure with your best friend.

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