Why Car Dealers Should Buy Likes on Instagram and Boost Their Engagement with Great Content Ideas

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Why Car Dealers Should Buy Likes on Instagram and Boost Their Engagement with Great Content Ideas

Social media like Instagram scores heavily for the increasingly large number of customers who rely on digital media to keep them updated with the latest information, trends, entertainment, as well as shopping. According to Brandwatch.com, 90% of users of Instagram are aged 35 or below. This is perhaps the most lucrative segment for all car dealers. Given that close to half the sales of new cars start online, car dealers will do well to include social media like Instagram in their digital marketing strategy. Since the efficacy of Instagram marketing depends heavily on the relevance of the content and its potential for engaging the audience. Car dealers need to strategize their Instagram content for maximum engagement. Some tips on content that can put your Instagram marketing strategy in the top gear:


Most car owners use their vehicles for their normal office commutes, dropping the kids off to school, or going shopping. There is an innate love for adventure in all motorists. They can see themselves challenging extreme terrains with their off-roaders; or exploring territories that few people are brave enough to step into. This desire for adventure and their longing for portraying themselves as brave and adventurous; is to a great extent responsible for the boom in sales of SUVs. Even if your followers are potential buyers of sedans or compact cars; they love nothing better than to delve into posts about the vehicles and their owners exploring the wild.

Road Trips

A long road trip is something all car owners would like to go on now and then; to break the monotony of their lives. Road trips with family or friends are a great time to let your hair down and bond with your co-passengers. Long road trips are also a great opportunity to know virtually every aspect of your vehicle. Photos and videos of vehicles humming along winding picturesque highways in the mountains or by the seaside; are invariably captivating and promote a lot of engagement. Especially, when the visuals are accompanied by informative and entertaining narratives and voiceovers. These posts can be excellent sources of authentic information to those planning similar road trips. Also, feed the imagination of people. 

Buy Likes on Instagram to Promote Content on Car Shows

All auto enthusiasts are big fans of car shows. As much as they would like to attend the more celebrated ones held all over the world. Most of them have to settle for reports on the latest launches and news from manufacturers. Of not only, vehicles but also technology, car entertainment, wheels, and tires, and other high-performance accessories. Car dealers can easily source the photos and captions from partners; who would love to collaborate with them for additional exposure. New product launches are invariably a very hot topic of discussion among car enthusiasts. With a little push in the right direction; you too can make your posts buzz with like comments, and shares. To give your posts a good start, you can buy likes on Instagram for very pocket-friendly amounts.

Car Features and Performance

According to some studies, more than half of those interested in cars see posts and videos on Instagram; to find out details of the features of the cars. Also to assess their performance to get an idea of how the on-road experience will be. Auto dealers can post videos of the car models; that they are selling to satisfy the desire of followers for more information. Also, strike up conversations that answer the queries while getting them excited about the models. Hiring micro-influencers to spread the word and act as an authority regarding car buying and ownership issues; can be very effective for building your reputation in the community. You should be prompt about responding to the questions with informative answers to help establish your credibility; as someone who not only loves cars but is an authority on them.

Encourage Your Sales Team to Use Instagram 

While having a branded Instagram account your vendor is an absolute necessity. Encourage your business group to make it a stride further by propelling their own Instagram accounts. On these profiles, your business group can: 

  • Post innovative content intended to teach and engage likely clients 
  • Cooperate with neighbourhood organizations to develop their expert system 
  • Engage with imminent clients 
  • Watch out for business showcasing patterns 

The more your business group utilizes innovative approaches to catch the consideration of forthcoming clients; the better the connections they can work with future vehicle buyers!

Product Posts 

Try not to let your stock flood your Instagram feed, yet don’t leave it alone undetectable, either. Vehicles are provocative and they have a huge following on this network. Utilize that for your potential benefit! 

Make fascinating efforts of your insides and outsides and make certain to utilize video to catch the consideration of clients; looking through their applications. 

Furthermore, recall, when taking photographs, you needn’t bother with extravagant camera gear. You simply need a decent shot (and possibly a decent Instagram channel!). Practice the standard of thirds to make solid visual intrigue and make an expert, fascinating plan.


A car is a large ticket item and calls for a lot of financial and emotional investment on the part of the buyer. This is the reason why most potential purchasers look for confirmation from other users of the same model; regarding their buying and user experience. While you can design posts capturing the ratings from major car journals; you can also invite reviews from your existing customers regarding their experience of your dealership. 


As is evident, there is no shortage of good ideas for feeding your Instagram content management strategy. A passion for cars, a good understanding of what customers are looking for; and an appreciation of how followers use Instagram; are all you need to evolve an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

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