5 Hairstyles to Help you Land Your Dream Gig

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5 Hairstyles to Help you Land Your Dream Gig

Are you looking for a new job? When you start looking for a job you must be giving off the right impression. You want the interviewer to notice your charm and abilities, yet at the same time, it is important to look polished and professional. Here’s a quick tip – regardless of what many people might think, if your hair is curly it still looks professional, so avoid feeling like your hair needs to be straightened for an upcoming interview. Coily, wavy, or curly. Your hair is yours to wear so versatility is your strength. But if you’ve got a job interview on the horizon and you’re not sure what style to rock, here are 5 hairstyles to help you land your dream gig.

#1 – Buns 

A bun is one of those elegant styles that never go out of fashion, and while some people think the smoother your bun the better, you can rock a topknot or a messy bun too. 

You can also experiment with different positions. One of the professional business consultants at Business Mentors Australia says she got her job in part due to the confidence of her bun. She explains “having a bad hair day on interview day is the worst nightmare scenario…and it happened to me! I opted for a low bun with a few side-swept bangs, which created a flattering and fresh style. I went from rock bottom to top of the world and got the job.”

This style will attract the attention you are looking for. Just ensure that the ponytail holder you are using doesn’t show. Use a few bobby pins to assist with hiding it. A modest, yet stylish pin can also add a bit of flair. 

#2 – Updo’s

An updo is one of the best styles for interviews or even a style that you wear every day to the office regardless of whether your job involves working on Wall Street or waiting on tables. 

The updos work well for the older styles like a Flexi-rod set, wash-and-go, or a twist out. There are many methods you can use to roll and twist naturally curly hair. 

House Design Architect Sally Holbrook from Northbourne Architecture and Design agrees that hairstyles can be empowering at job interviews. She says, “women can be very creative at expressing themselves through their hair. If you feel great about the hairstyle you’re wearing, whether it’s a sleek or loose updo, it can help you perform better during your interview.

Don’t be afraid of your curls and if your style needs refreshing, simply dampen your hair, retwist it, or use pin curls to achieve a revamped updo that you can wear with confidence for your next interview. 

#4 – Chignon

The chignon is similar to a low ponytail or a low bun, offering you both of these styles with a bit more flair. 

The traditional chignon is pinned under and worn low. While the chignons look really great with flowers or bling pins, you can also leave them out when you go for an interview. 

They are already pretty on their own, and they do not need extra accessories. Twisting your hair a few times before you pin it under is another great add on for a chignon. 

#5 – Low Ponytails

Ponytails are often associated with a bad reputation, yet a ponytail that is low for both straight and curly hair can look professional and stylish. 

You also shouldn’t pull your ponytail tight, provided that your hair is lining up with your ears. It is also important to make sure your ponytail holder is hidden. Wrap a piece of your hair around the holder and then secure the hair using a bobby pin into the bottom part of your ponytail. 

Side-swept bangs also look fantastic and will add a bit of interest to your style. You can smooth your ponytail down with gel, serum or oil to give your style a refined and polished look. 

#3 – Down And Free

This hairstyle for a job interview is often neglected. You don’t need to hide your curly hair when you go for an interview. 

According to therapist Sally Austin, “some people feel insecure about their curly hair, but it’s really something to be embraced. Remember that once you get past limiting beliefs, you’ll be more primed for success and you can nail an interview.

The main concern you should have is to make sure your hair is away from your face. Use a serum or a gel to tame your frizz, which will help to keep your hair looking a lot more polished. When the weather is humid and windy, try choosing from the styles mentioned above.

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