Basic Guide to Orthokeratology

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Basic Guide to Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology is a medical term used to refer to the process of correcting impaired vision; due to refractive errors, such as; Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It is often known as Ortho-K, OK, Overnight Vision Correction, Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) or Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS). This process makes use of specially designed and fitted gas permeable contact lenses. Worn at night time during sleep; to reshape the cornea for improving the vision during the day. It is a safe and non-surgical way of correcting vision that is suitable for both children and adults. Here is a guide to orthokeratology.

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For better understanding, you can consider them as “eye braces” similar to “dental braces”. Just the way dental braces re-align our teeth without surgery, this technology works in a similar fashion. These lenses slowly and gradually reshape the front surface of the eye while sleeping. The individual is then able to see clearly throughout the day without wearing any glasses or other contact lenses.

Not all optometrists are experts in prescribing or fitting these lenses. There are special optometrists who have gained skills and training in this segment and they are known as Orthokeratology.

How Does Orthokeratology Work?

The technology of orthokeratology aims to reshape the front surface of the cornea to correct vision. The cornea is a clear and flexible dome-shaped window in front of the eye; its main function is to focus the light on the retina so, that we can see the image captured. An Orthokeratologist will map and measure the corneal surface of your eye; with the help of an instrument called a corneal topographer. This will provide him with the exact shape and curves of your cornea. Which they will design a lens that suits your eye.

When you wear these lenses; they flatten the corneal surface and change the way light bends when it enters the eye. Lens and tear layer of your eyes together put gentle pressure on the cornea in order to mould its shape. Mostly, ortho-k lenses are worn at night during sleep to reshape the cornea and then removed in the morning. They are gas-permeable lenses that allow oxygen to pass through; to keep your eye healthy and safe while you wear them. They are reversible also. So, when you wear them, your vision gets corrected for a few hours and you can see clearly without glasses. However, if you stop wearing them; for 2-3 days, the effect wears off and the cornea starts to come back to its natural shape. That’s why people have to wear them daily at night and remove them in the morning to see clearly in the day.

Benefits of Orthokeratology:

Orthokeratology is an entirely safe process that delivers the best results from the first usage itself. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy:

  • As these lenses are designed by precise mapping technology, they ensure a perfect fit to your eyes and are therefore comfortable to wear on.
  • As they work overnight, they let you freely workaround during the daytime without the need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Wear them at night and you are good to go for the next day.
  • This is a non-surgical way of correcting vision. So, it is highly opted for by people who are reluctant to get the surgery done.
  • It is appropriate for kids and teenagers, as it helps to restore their vision while slowing down the progression of their vision problem.
  • It is very good for; dry and dusty environment, as wearing contact lenses is not optimal in such situations.
  • It is highly beneficial for sports players, as they get crisp vision without wearing any glasses or contact lenses.
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So, this was all about orthokeratology, how does it work, and its major benefits. This is a great technology that has shown its benefits to a large population and is gaining significant popularity over time. Just make sure that you visit a certified orthokeratology to get perfect ortho-k lenses for your eyes.

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